Adelaide’s Top-Notch Carpet Cleaning Services

Plush Carpet Cleaning  is one of the most known and preferred companies when it comes to carpet cleaning Adelaide. Be it is the commercial carpet cleaning, residential carpet cleaning or industrial carpet cleaning, our services are unbeatable throughout the city. With the help of finest machinery and high-quality cleaning solutions, our expert carpet cleaners in Adelaide bring your carpets back to life. Our complete carpet cleaning solution under the single roof sets apart from the rest. Whether it is wet carpet drying, carpet stain removal, pet hair removal, pet stain and odour removal, our cleaners never fail to bring you the desired results.

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Why Do The Carpets Need Cleaning at Regular Time Intervals?

Just like any other thing in the home, your carpets get dirty too. In fact, carpets bear much more than other things in the home, such as heavy foot traffic, wetting, water damage, insect infestation (dust mites, bed bugs, and fleas) and whatnot. Also, stains, dirt accumulation, mould growth and more such conditions make carpets worn out. This is so much for anything to bear alone. Moreover, the presence of allergens, pests, dirt and stains in the carpets lower the environmental quality, which in turn leads to the unhygienic environment across the premise. Also, the risk of disease hovers around the home. And if you have, little kids in the home, it is important you take carpet cleaning task seriously.

  • Unhygienic environment
  • Reduced carpet life
  • Risk of health issues
  • Deteriorated look of the home
  • Stale odours in the home

Thus, it is important you vacuum the carpets at least once in a week, better if frequent. Also, it is important you deep clean them bi-annually, and for that, you can hire the professionals.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Besides regular carpet cleaning, it is also important to have them cleaned thoroughly with the help of professionals. Professional carpet cleaners are well-aware of all the possible methods of cleaning your carpets and know the right cleaning procedures according to the carpet fibre. Besides knowledge, the professional carpet cleaners are equipped with advanced cleaning tools, skills and right cleaning solutions. We at Plush Carpet Cleaning  offer the specialised services for carpet cleaning in Adelaide at the most affordable and exciting prices. Our cleaners know how troubling dirty carpets can be, they understand the importance of clean and sanitised carpets and, thus, they are also ready to serve you on the same day of booking.

The way our cleaners perform their job, they never fail to impress the clients with their high-end results. Our cleaning services ensure the complete removal of dirt and allergens from the carpets, leaving them thoroughly cleaned.

Types of Carpets We Clean

The cleaners from Plush Carpet Cleaning  offers a wide range of carpet cleaning services in Adelaide. Also, we can clean all types of carpets, irrespective of its fibre, and bring you only the desired results. That’s why we call ourselves one-stop-destination for carpet cleaning in Adelaide and its suburbs.

  • Nylon Carpet Cleaning
  • Olefin Carpet Cleaning
  • Woolen Carpet Cleaning
  • Polyester Carpet Cleaning

Our Best Services For Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

We offer an array of services for carpet cleaning in Adelaide, which we consider as a  true initiative to make your lives simpler.

Below Mentioned is The List of Our Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Carpet stain removal
  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Pet hair removal
  • Carpet sanitisation
  • Pet stain and odour removal from carpet
  • Carpet deodorisation
  • Carpet fire and smoke restoration
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Residential carpet cleaning
  • Carpet mould removal
  • Vomit stain removal from carpet
  • Carpet gum removal
  • Bloodstain removal from carpet
  • Urine stain and odour removal from carpet
  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning
  • Carpet water damage restoration
  • Same day carpet cleaning service
  • Wine stain removal from carpet
  • Carpet oil stain removal
  • Ink stain removal from carpet
  • Emergency flood damage restorations service
  • Carpet sewage restoration
  • Coffee or tea carpet stains removal
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Carpet Scotchgard services
  • Juice stains removal

Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet steam is a proven and widely method for cleaning and sanitising your carpets. Here is the process for carpet steam cleaning Adelaide.

  • Pre-Inspection: The process of Carpet Cleaning Adelaide begins with carpet inspection. Inspection helps us determine the fabric type and locate the stains on the carpet.
  • Vacuuming: Vacuuming is done to remove the loose dirt and debris mingled with the carpet fibres.
  • Carpet Spot Treatment: Then we apply our specialised stain removal solution to the targeted areas, apply the best techniques for the carpet stain removal.
  • Cleaning Treatment: Once done, we start the actual cleaning treatment. The treatment includes infusion of hot pressurised water and cleaning solution. Then the water and cleaning solution is extracted from the carpets. The method leaves the carpet perfectly cleaned and sanitised.
  • Speed Drying: Once the cleaning is done, we speed dry the carpet using our heavy duty machines.
  • Deodorise: Lastly, we deodorise your carpets to make them smell fresh.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet dry cleaning is the best alternative for the carpet steam cleaning, that is used where steam cleaning is not an appropriate method.

  • Pre-Inspection: The team of our carpet cleaning Adelaide, first of all, inspects your carpets to find the carpet stains.
  • Carpet Vacuuming: Then the carpets are vacuumed using high-power heavy-duty vacuums, this ensures the removal of loose debris, dust particles, stains and soil.
  • Stain Treatment: Afterwards we treat the stained areas on the carpets targeted areas. The cleaning solutions are completely safe and eco-friendly and remove the stains completely.
  • Cleaning Procedure: And then we apply dry cleaning solvent to the carpet fibres, which is then agitated further inside the carpet.
  • Post-vacuuming-  The last step involves vacuuming the carpets once again to extract the dry cleaning solution from the carpet.

Carpet Mould Restoration Adelaide

One of our specialised services includes the removal of mould growth from the carpets. Mould development takes places when the air around the home is humid. Mould growth leads to a number of health disease in premises. The presence of mould leads to wheezing, shortening of breath, cough, sneezing, and other numerous allergies. For the complete and safe removal of mould from the carpets, you need to hire professional pest control services. Because professionals have the required skills to bring the carpet mould removal task in the safest manner possible.

Our Mission Behind Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

We have the zero tolerance for dirty and stained carpets. Our cleaners are chasing a single goal, which to make our customers happy with our top-notch cleaning services. The team of our technicians is amazingly talented and experienced that helped us build the reputation in the niches. Our simple mission behind our carpet cleaning services is to offer you a dirt and germ-free environment across the home and the premises.

Why Choose Plush Carpet Cleaning?

There are a number of reasons you would want to hire us for your carpet cleaning services in Adelaide.

  • Same day carpet cleaning services
  • Emergency carpet cleaning services across all Adelaide suburbs
  • 24*7 availability of our services
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions in our cleaning procedures
  • Quick and safe carpet cleaning treatments
  • Affordable services and no obligation quotes over the call and emails.